Beautiful hand made Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are always becoming a popular choice for window shading, more and more designs and colours are available they make a different look to your windows.

They can be free hanging, tensioned or incorporated into the perfect fit system.

Multi zone and dual fabric pleated blinds are a multi talented option to the range

Operating your blind couldn’t be easier

Cord operation – left or right operation

Tensioned – tensioned pleated blinds are naturally child safe and are easy to operate.

Motorised – see our motorised upgrade page.

Optional Extras

No holes, no screws…
just style

Integrate your blinds with your windows using our stylish INTU blinds. Suitable for tilt and turn windows as well as glazed doors, you can maintain the use of your windows and doors allowing you to open and close them with the blinds in place. Fitting the blinds into the window without the use of a frame gives a beautiful and elegant finish.

With no drilling or screwing required to fit them in your home, they are both quick to fit and easy to clean.

There are so many different options to choose from which complement your home. You’ll be sure to find the perfect blind.

Find your match

Ideal for tilt and turn windows in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, conservatories and caravans as well as for bi-fold doors.

INTU is available in Hive, Pleated, Venetian & Roller blinds including Privacy and Micro options.

Our wide range of Hive. Pleated & Roller fabrics or Venetian slats include blackout, reflective and textured options giving you a wide choice of colours, designs and finishes.

Match your window frame to our selection of white, silver, brown and anthracite finishes to complete your look.